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🠈  Welcome to Fort Collins  🠊

Welcome to Fort Collins Co. US.

Welcome to FtCollinsCo.US. This web site is an open directory for the beautiful city of Fort Collins, Colorado. The site is a member of a family of open directories under the brand Community Color.

The goal of a local open directory is to promote web development in a community. The goal of such directories is to be as inclusive as possible (with the exception of hate sites and porn). The site allows listings for any and all web sites from the Fort Collins area. This includes sites blogs, homepages, political pages, business sites, band sites and any other artistic creations.

A local open directory does a wonderful service for communities like Fort Collins. If you are a local web developer, you can get that first important exposure to the internet market simply by adding a free listing to the directory.

Open directories become even more effective when people link to the directory. The best way to link to the directory is to link to the subpages.

The founder of the site is a third generation Coloradoan who's been wandering around the west doing odd computer programming here and there.


I originally funded the site through affiliate ads. If a company that does business in Fort Collins had an affiliate program; I would join the affiliate program and run the ad. There is an affiliate ad at the top of most pages.

Since the site has a local focus, I decided to give locals the opportunity to displace the affiliate ads. I charge $25 for 100,000 ad views. This is an extremely reasonable rate. The catch is that it takes a very long time to show 100,000. It generally takes about four years. You can order ads on the advertising page.

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