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Life reports on the pro-life issue articles on the sanctity of life along with articles on political issues touching this important issue including Health Care Reform, embryonic stem cell research and related biomedical policies.

BTW, being pro-life does not mean being anti-science. I really dislike the disinformation campaign that frames the debate as enlightened scientists against reactionary religious fanatics. Ethics is a matter of concern in all professions and sciences. For example, scientists could learn alot about geology if they slammed the Moon into the Pacific Ocean. Everyone would die during the experiment making such an experiment an ethical absurdity, it is the ethics that drives the debate and not the science.

Historically one finds many of the top physicists troubled with nuclear research, and many scientists block out the science of eugenics which was used to justify genocide in the last century.

The role of animal testing is fiercely disputed with many left-leaning scientists rejecting the wholesale slaughtering of animals for questionable scientific gains ... like a smoother skin creme.

Determining the ethical lines of research is an important part of science. The great reputation that science has earned through the years is a direct result of high ethical standards. Figuring out where to place ethical lines is an important part of science that must involve society at large.

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