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The goal of this web site (FtCollinsCo.US) is to promote local web development. The desire is to create a nimble directory structure and calendar that is open to all web sites and events from the Fort Collins area.

To help promote the site, I decided I wanted to have an RSS feed. Racking my brain, I decided that the way to accomplish this would be to have a Site of the Day style program. That way the RSS feed could have fresh content each day.

Doing a site review each day is just too much effort; So, I finally decided to pare down my ambitions to a Site of the Week program.

Starting 11/11/2008, the Site of the Week program highlights a web site each Tuesday on the page kewl.html. The RSS Feed updates each Tuesday.

On occasion, there may be more than one review per week.

Site of Week Criteria

The selection of sites is pretty much random. For the most part, I make the decision when I add the site.

I have a weak spot for art sites and community organizations. I want the program to have a cross section of sites from the community; So, you will also find businesses and ecommeerce shops.

If you are from the Fort Collins area and your site is not yet in the directory, please use the addLink program to add your site.

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